Lauren Kosowan

About Lauren

Lauren has had a passion for design and fashion since she could remember. Having studied fashion, interior decorating and having first hand construction experience, she enjoys using her expertise and knowledge in all of these areas to create her clients dream home. 

Her style is one of timelessness, personality and function. When spending money on a renovation, its important to many of her clients to stretch their budget and make wise design choices, Choosing timeless options are a smart choice, as they rarely go out of style and will withstand the test of time. 

Lauren looks forward to working with you no matter your style, or how big or small your project may be. From sourcing for new furnishings for your existing home, staging your existing home for re-sale or remodelling, Styled Interiors can help you.

Interior design embodies how your world makes you feel wonderful everyday
— Ronique Gibson

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